Clamping Pipe Attachment

Figure: 031


Designed for bracing pipe against sway and seismic disturbance.  Versatile design allows for attachment at any angle and the ability to be used in a lateral or longitudinal bracing configuration.  The pipe attachment component of a sway brace system used in conjunction with a PHD Manufacturing structural attachment fitting and joined together with a bracing element form a complete sway brace assembly.  Sway brace assemblies are intended to be installed in accordance with NFPA 13 and the manufacturer’s installation instructions.

Material: Ductile iron and carbon steel

Finish: Electro-galvanized

Size: Pipe sizes 2” thru 8”. Can use 1” thru 2” SCH 40 pipe, structural steel, and PHD 12 gauge strut channel (1001 & 1201) as sway bracing elements.

Install: Place attachment around pipe to be braced, positioning brace attachment as needed, then tighten clamping bolts and nuts finger tight.  Insert brace component into fitting against back of jaw.  Tighten set screw finger tight, adjust brace angle as needed, then tighten set screw until hex head breaks off.  Then evenly torque clamping bolts until hex portion of clamping nuts break off.

Approvals: Underwriters Laboratories listed for US and Canada and Factory Mutual approved. Listed for use with PHD sway brace components only.

Ordering: Specify figure number and sprinkler pipe size.

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