Adjustable In-Rack Flue Hanger

Figure: 990


Designed to be fully adjustable to fit typical 8” (203.2) , 10” (254), and 12” (304.8) flue spaces between common warehouse racking types such as teardrop.

Material: Carbon steel

Finish: Electro-galvanized

Size:             3/8” rod

Install: Loosen rod coupling so the device can expand.  Place compressed product in the rack flue space.  Expand device inserting the support rivets into rack columns.  Once fully expanded, pull device down securing it into the rack columns ensuring spring clips snap in engaging the rack column.  Adjust the rod coupling assembly to the desired position then tighten coupling 80 in.-lbs. (9.04 N-m). Then insert threaded rod until it fully engages into the rod coupling.

Approvals: Underwriters’ Laboratories Listed in the U.S. (UL) and Canada (CUL).

Ordering: Specify figure number.

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