CPVC Two-Hole Pipe Strap

Figure: 070


Designed to support CPVC pipe horizontally from the side or bottom of beam.  Fig. 070 can only be used as a guide on top of beam or on vertical piping. Fig. 070 also acts as a restrainer to prevent the thrust of a sprinkler head during activation when mounted on top of structure.  Fig. 070 may be installed onto wood using supplied fasteners or into, minimum 20 gauge, steel using two 1/4” X 1” tek type screws (not included).  Features flared edges to protect piping as it slides through the installed fitting and retaining dimples to allow for easy installation onto pipe.

Material: Carbon Steel

Finish: Pre-galvanized

Size: 3/4” (20) through 2” (50) CPVC pipe.

Approvals: Underwriters Laboratories listed for US and Canada.

Ordering: Specify figure number and pipe size.

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