Four Bolt Underground Pipe Clamp

Figure: 590


Designed for clamping the caulked joints of underground A.W.W.A. ductile iron water pipe lines to prevent separation of joints.

Material: Carbon steel (Type 304 or 316 Stainless Steel upon request)

Finish: Plain or electro-galvanized (Hot dipped galvanized with electro-galvanized hardware upon request)

Approvals: Complies with National Fire Protection Association Standard 24 for 4″ (100) thru 12″ (300) pipe.

Ordering: Specify figure number, pipe size, material, and finish. Order Fig. 595 washer separately.

NOTE:   Clamps must be connected by means of threaded tie rods and the nuts drawn tight on the washers to assure a tight joint.

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